Sunday, 20 March 2011

Modern Conferences and Meetings - working smarter and greener

Online facilitated meetings and webinars

Offering a fully managed online solution for truly global communication, providing greater efficiency and impressive cost savings through more focused time spent in the meeting or conference, no venue hire, no travel costs, no need for back fill, no hotel bills

Evolution Networking Ltd will manage all the technical aspects of your meeting or conferencing requirements, ensuring all you have to do is concentrate on using the time online efficiently and productively.

Online Meeting Features include:

All administration, invitations and technical aspects managed during the meeting for a fully interactive, secure meeting space for up to 25 people.

Features include – full audio using voice over Internet protocol or telephone access where VOIP is not accessible to a delegate, screen sharing, slide shows, text chat, private chat with individual meeting members
A key feature is the ability to give control of meeting to any member at any point and for them to allow access to their machine to any other meeting member. This can facilitate instant, visible collaboration on document production

Coming soon- full high definition video meeting facility with up to 6 people viewed on screen simultaneously.

Online Conferences Features include:
We offer online conferencing for up to 100 people, with full administration and technical support pre/during and post conference, including handling of all fees charged for delegates to attend.

The online conference software mirrors the capabilities outlined in the meetings facility, though the usual preference is for only presenters and identified panel members have permission to broadcast using audio feed, delegates can respond using chat.

An additional feature available is to be able conduct instant polls, which can be either to gauge opinion on a subject, or to focus delegates back to the screen if the real time data shows that delegates are being distracted from attending the meeting (i.e. checking their emails or accessing other websites!)

Post conference, a full video recording can be made available in windows media format or similar. A report of all questions submitted by delegates via chat is also produced so presenters can either answer personally via email or, as is more usual, send an email out to all delegates that contains a document with all questions raised and the answers to those. A record can also be made available outlining how attentive delegates have been during the conference.

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