Thursday, 30 June 2011

Online Conferences or 'Webinars' - Ooooh or Uurrgh?

Have you attended an online conference or meeting ? How was your experience?

Was it fabulous, interactive, discussion filled and informative?

or a techno bore broadcast that could put you off 'webinars' for life?

I attended a webinar yesterday hosted by an 'expert' on presentation skills and hit the 'leave session' button 10 minutes in.


It was the most detached, impersonal, remote experience, with none of the delegates allowed to interact!

Discussing this experience with a colleague, it transpired she had had a similar experience at a recent online conference, but this one had lasted over 6 hours before any discussion was facilitated for delegates.

Can online meetings and conferences work? Are they Oooooooh or Uuuuuuurrrgghhhh?

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