Friday, 20 July 2012

Twitter proving useful!

Twitter ye not, after years of wondering whether twitter would ever prove to be anything other than an occasionally good source for breaking news, I'm finally getting some return from it

Our work using sporting memories is very much about hard copy, face to face contact with people. The groups use photographs to stimulate conversation and discussion. So where does Twitter fit in?

Well to support the work we have a suite of Replay websites where fans, sports stars, celebrities, writers and journalists can support the project simply by adding a memory. These can then either be used by our group facilitators in the sessions, or they are simply great reading material and encourage others to share their own stories.

Twitter has proven to be great for connecting with stars, fans and organisations that other forms of media just would not have facilitated. This week we have received 8 memories purely through connecting on Twitter. We've teamed up with a Football League club, simply from tweeting a director and another great press article is just being finalised, again through connecting on the social network.

I'll be tweeting this blog in a minute and hopefully it in turn will generate a few more memories of sport. We've almost 400 on the sites now, a fantastic show of support.

Memories can be as brief as you like, if you enjoy reading ones from the likes of Kevin Bridges, Lee McKenzie and Sam Torrance, why not take 5 minutes to add one


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