Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Lest We Forget

Yesterday I went to the Arthaus Gallery in Richmond, North Yorkshire

The gallery houses the works of the renowned international artist Mackenzie Thorpe, who is a supporter of our work with people with dementia. In 2003, Middlesbrough born Mackenzie produced a collection around football and the community called 'The Game of Life'. Introducing the collection, Mackenzie wrote: "Whatever your age, whatever your background, the magic of football goes far beyond the pitch. I invite you to remember the moments when the game has had a lasting effect on your life, of how it has brought friends together, united whole communities, even countries.
Grandad as a lad

Mackenzie's support and our work on football memories was a headline of the Northern Echo during Dementia Awareness week in June, the headline banner of the front page read "Stirring Memories; Mackenzie Thorpe backs dementia project" with a piece by health correspondent Barry Nelson titled Drawing on football memories to help dementia sufferers

Mackenzie has loaned four pictures to be used in the football reminiscence work. The original of When Grandad was a Lad (opposite) was purchased by UEFA to mark their 50th anniversary and a copy was presented to every club to have won a European trophy since 1954. 

We recently announced the network is commencing a new project in Scotland with care homes for veterans run by Erskine. On a similar theme, Mackenzie will this weekend be unveiling his latest work 'Lest We Forget'   the original of which, will be auctioned at The Royal British Legion Annual Poppy Ball in November with a percentage of sales of the limited edition print also going to the charity.

I'll be attending the launch and look forward to reporting back on the event.

Meanwhile the number of football memories and sports reminiscence groups operating in Scotland continues to grow, with 16 now established.


Lest We Forget. Copyright Mackenzie Thorpe



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