Friday, 14 January 2011

What is Pushnote, was launched 14 Jan 2011

Ever wanted to comment on a website or web page but the site doesn't allow comments?

Wanted to discuss or share ideas on a topic?

Felt the urge to share a link relevant to the site or page you are visiting but couldn't because the site isn't interactive?

Pushnote allows all this with a little box in the top right of your browser.

Sign up for an account, which you can link to your twitter and facebook account if you want to.

Once signed up, add your profile pic and away you go.

If a web page you visit has already had comments posted about it by other pushnote users , you will see the little speach box in the top right of your browser turn green. Click on the box to read comments alreadt posted.

You can reply to comments, like or dislike them or post your own thoughts which others can then respond or rate. The more popular the comment, the higher up the view list they appear.

Clearly this is V1 of pushnote and there are obvious areas to develop - being able to edit posts or easily delete them, the 'follow function' needs further work and user profiles could do with more info but.......

The opportunities for debate, knowledge sharing, learning and the further development of Web 3.0 is VAST.

There are wider options to view 'hot topics' or the latest posts on pushnote too but I see the opportunity to 'pull' knowledge and people into debates as there for the nuturing!

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  1. This is a rather uncritical article. What data is Pushnote going to hold on users? It is presumably associating users with pages they have visited and commented on. Is it also tracking user-page associations where no comments are left? What will it use these data for.