Friday, 16 July 2010

The KM expert bag carrier

Week in week out a group of hardy professionals lug heavy bags round the world for mile upon mile for their employers, whilst demonstrating excellence in knowledge management.

As well as the physical demands of carrying many pounds of equipment, food, clothing these knowledge workers are expected to manage the whole ennvironment around them to ensure their employer has the opportunity to perform at their optimum level, without interruption from man, machine or animal.

The amount of information and knowledge of the macro and micro environments these professionals are expected to have to hand in an instant, working under extreme pressure and in the gaze of a global audience, scrutinised by the worlds media and press, is phenominal.

What happened when we were here last year? What did I do then? How did it turn out? What if I go long? What if we play safe? How far is it to that bunker? What is behind the pin? Where is the wind? What club did we use yesterday/2 days ago/last year/year before? Where did we end up? What's left of the pin? What's right? How far to the front? Where do I aim in this wind? Is the fairway hard? Is the green soft? Do I swing hard? Which way does this break?

Professional Golf Caddies need to be walking encyclopedia's of local knowledge at every venue they work at, not to mention psychologists, nurse maids, sounding boards and whipping boys!

No matter how good their boss may be, how talented and successful, he will always rely on his knowledge expert in order to be able to get the job done!
British Open Golf

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