Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Are we there yet?

Flying into 2009 with maximum motivation, determination and hope, yesterday was an unusual first day back in the working world. I normally endure a few days of post holiday blues, followed by a lack focus before the cogs start whirring at full speed once more. However, from the off, once the inbox was clear and I started to link in once more with the virtual networks available online I felt a real sense of direction and clarity.

Many of the bloggers and twitterers I enjoy following filled me with hope and optimism that web2.0 really will make a difference to businesses this year. Well I for one hope they are right!

Away from my day job I am helping a Charitable Trust to raise their online profile. The huge range of no cost communication channels available via the web offers a massive opportunity for the Trust to get their message out to a wide audience by ensuring they have an interesting and dynamic website, linked of course via groups or pages on facebook, myspace, bebo et al plus of course establishing a regularly updated blog and using a number of other web2.0 apps to get their message out there. The work the Trust has carried out is quite amazing but this hasn't been captured or shared with the wider world, so later this month I will be attending their AGM to run through some of the options they might consider utilising.

Whilst there are numerous no cost options to outline, the question in my mind will be, how to ensure we put the most effort in to the areas that will hit our target audience and how will we know when we have reached them?

We should get some idea from web analytics, blog comments, details of social media group members and numbers of enquiries about how to help out that we are making progress, we shall see....

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